Secrets of the Starcrossed

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How is January treating you? I feel like its passing us by pretty quickly and I’m able to spend lots of time wrapped in my favourite knitted blanket reading and blogging! I’ve been waking for work each morning, going for a walk with a coffee and then getting back to have breakfast and read a chapter or two of my current read before work, which is really setting my mornings up nicely, but is also helping me dive through my TBR, which massively helps as there are so many of them! Are you able to find more time for reading if you’re in lockdown?

I’ve managed to read 4 books so far in 2021 and today I am sharing with you the first one I finished this year. It’s a brand new debut due to be published just a few days away on 21st January (eek!) – so if you like what you read below, preorder today!


Beautiful proof cover!

So when the lovely people at One More Chapter said that they had a few proofs of this one to share I jumped at the chance to grab a copy! This is the first book in a trilogy called ‘The Once and Future Queen’ by Clara O’Connor.

I absolutely love fantasy book series such as Twilight, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) and this one sounded right up my street.

“Two starcrossed lovers fight to ignite the spark of the rebellion.

What if the Roman Empire never fell?

What if the Caesar still ruled London?

What if the Celtic Thrones still stood beyond its walls?

What if their ancient elemental power still thrummed through the Ley lines woven deep within the land..within earth, air and water?

What if someone or something unleashed it?”

I read this and was like ‘ALL THE YESES’. I absolutely adore ‘what if’ questions in history. There are so many things that happened before we were born that have shaped the lives we have today. What if they had had different outcomes, what would our lives look like? This is basically a world which O’Connor is exploring in this book- and in this fictional modern day world we are unleashed in, London (Londinium) has its usual landmarks, but it’s completely under the Roman rule of Caesar Magnus XVII. The rest of Britain is split into the Celtic Thrones, and whilst there is a treaty between the kingdoms, there is a stark difference between London and the rest of Britain. Those under the Celtic rule are seen a little like GOT Wildlings, uncivilised and in touch with nature. It is of course known in history that the Romans were technologically advanced for their time and in this story that has transpired into a lot of high technology used by those in power to spy on their citizens. Those in the Celtic Thrones do not have a high degree of technology and much of it does not work across the border, because what they do have, is magic.

So to put that into context, we’re reading a dystopian, sci fi fantasy romance, the first in it’s trilogy. EEK! I was beyond excited to see where this one would lead to.

The idea of Britain being in modern day but with London as a separate world (as it often feels anyway as a northerner).. was interesting to me. We are introduced to our main character, Cassandra, the daughter of a powerful merchant in London. Here, arranged marriages are still the norm and her betrothed is one of the most eligible bachelors in town, a hot doctor by the name of Marcus. Being who she is, she is educated in a certain manner, there are expectations on her social conduct and she is expected to vote on the decisions required for those punishable in the Mete, the forum where people suspected of crimes were given punishments or mercy by the crowd of jurors. Of course in this world, they use technology to do so, so it’s a little like ‘ask the audience’ on Who wants to be a Millionaire. The major crimes in this city are theft and in such a highly technological advanced city – hacking. I loved this idea as it brought together the old and new worlds in a way I could easily visualise, however I did feel that this was very much alike to ‘The Capitol’ in The Hunger Games in that the crowd seemed very thirsty for blood. The book is described as ‘Panem meets Grishaverse’ and I certainly could see the likeness.

The plot takes us through a kind of unravelling in Cassandra’s life, from the perfectly well behaved upper class student who believes in the Roman rule, the code of conduct and all that it stands for.. to a moment of inexplicable lust and attraction to a classmate, a classmate with some very illegal technology in his pocket, who is about to turn her life and everything she knows about herself and her world, upside down forever. A rebellion rumbles as a strange sickness sweeps through the population..

Firstly, I thoroughly enjoyed the world created by the author. Sentinels in the street, public judgements and punishments, interesting characters, different worlds within one island. I loved that the author has used history and fantasy to create this fictional world and it felt very real and plausible. However – I didn’t actually feel that there was enough of the Roman rule vibe for my liking. I genuinely don’t think we saw anything about the current ruler, Caesar Magnus once. I wanted a lot more of it, a lot more control and fear amongst the residents. It would definitely have created a lot more atmosphere for the plot that unfolds and the spiralling world of Cassandra – I feel like the ideas were more tiptoed around than thoroughly explored.

I also felt that whilst the characters needed to build up their development and relationships with one another, some of the pacing did feel a little too slow in my opinion. I personally was more interested in the backstory, technology and I definitely wanted to see more of the mete, but perhaps thats just personal taste.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 main characters, they each have distinctive personalities and the character of Devyn is very strong. However the supporting roles were just names on a page for me, I didn’t feel that they had particularly any true emotion behind them and they didn’t feel like real people. That being said, it’s a trilogy and I do think the author was focusing more on developing the relationships between the main characters to be able to carry them through the other books, I guess the side characters aren’t that important. But I say it again.. where is Caesar Magnus XVII?!

However, the ending was a heart racing, page turning, dramatic scene. It’s thrilling, daring and so exciting. It has absolutely made me want to pick up the next novel in this series, because I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!! Which is exactly what you need in a book series.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I’ll be very excited to read the second, however the lack of presence by the current ruler didn’t make any sense to me and unfortunately did impact my enjoyment during the read. If this is a book of rebellion against order then I need to see the face or feel more of the person holding the keys to the power. I also wanted more flesh added to some of the sideline characters and as I’ve written, for my personal taste there was a little too much slow romance and not enough fear building action which we found at the end. However, the world the author has delivered is fascinating and it’s definitely one I want to explore more of. The strange sickness sweeping through the nation also felt very apt..

I would 100% recommend reading if you’re a lover of The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones.

Where to Buy:

Kindle pre-order price, £0.99

Amazon Paperback pre order price: £7.37

All prices correct at time of writing.

Note – this book was sent to me by the publisher as part of their PR/AD campaign. This review is completely honest and entirely my own.


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Well, that’s it for my reviews this week! What’s your thoughts on this one? Has it piqued your interest? Or is there only one dystopian Rebellion filled world for you? Comment below!

I know our lives are all over the place at the moment, but if you can find just 5 minutes a day or a chapter at a time, you’re still reading and you will still feel the amazing mental health benefits which we all need right now. Enjoy your downtime!

Until the next chapter,

Emma, X0

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  1. Great review! I recently got the arc for secrets of the starcrossed and I agree with quite a lot of your points but I didn’t really enjoy it. Which I was disappointed in because I thought it would be so good! The world was certainly an excellent idea. I got bored about half way through and ended up listening to it at 2x (that and the fact I was cutting it *very* close to the publish date…) so I might have missed some stuff lol. Not the best book. Here’s my review of it 🙂

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  2. Hello 😁! So great to hear another opinion on this one! Did you get an audiobook? If so I’m very intrigued to know who was narrating! I would definitely say that the last third was where the plot turned and got exciting for me, I can completely understand about pacing and not much action in the middle leading to a bit of boredom. I ended up reviewing it at 4 (I was toying between 3.5/4 for a LONG time !!!🤣) because the world and concept really took me along and I was really impressed with the idea and what it can lead to. I unfortunately know what you mean too about feeling disappointed though..I definitely wanted more than we got, I really expected it to be more punchy (especially with the hunger games comparison by the PR!) . I do think the second one might be much more full of action than this one just from where we left the characters. Will you be reading it or you thinking this ones enough of this trilogy for you? Lol

    Thank you – I’ll go check out your review!! X

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  3. A lot of thoughts! Yeah I did have an audio copy, and I literally never use audiobooks lol so I guess my attention span wasn’t the longest…. But the narrator felt a bit off for the book, maybe a bit too old seeing as it is a (maybe?) ya novel! Yeah the comparison to the hunger games and grisha verse felt a LOT too presumptuous for me… maybe setting heights a bit too high 😬


  4. Yes! I saw the likeness in some of the storyline but definitely not the same pacing and action (which I think is what we all expected!). I’ve literally never listened to an audio book, I think I’d be the same😂! I’ve got a ridiculously long ARC on audio format, so we’ll see how that goes 😅😂! I think you’re completely right though, if the narrator isn’t right of inflicting the same as you would, does it change your enjoyment? 🤔! X

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  5. I’m with you on the whole audiobook thing… I just don’t know when I’d listen to it 🤔I’m the sort of person who needs to be doing something when listening to a podcast or audiobook. Good luck with your long arc (I can sense that there may be some super speed listening…) 🙂

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  6. Thank you! I think I’m going to need it.. I started the first book by that author and it’s got a bookmark about 2 chapters in so we’ll see how it goes (I’m expecting I’ll need all the luck I can get 😂!)

    also just noticed I wrote inflicting instead of inflecting, damn autocorrect !! (Although I suppose if they’ve got a terrible voice…😂)

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