How to Kill Your Family

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I hope you’re well and have had a fantastic summer! My months have been absolutely packed full of events, adventures and time spent with my loved ones. I’ve spent quite a few weekends exploring the glorious Yorkshire coast, I’ve stayed in an old fisherman’s cottage from the 1600s, seen Christina Aguilera live, I’ve partied the night away (a few times!), had some fantastic times with my friends and family and I’ve collected some gorgeous memories along the way (and no doubt lost a few – thanks alcohol)!

Photo by me. Flamborough, East Yorkshire.

I’ve read a few books over the summer, although admittedly my reading (and therefore reviewing) always tends to slow down around this time of year as I’m so busy doing lots of other fabulous things. However, we’re slowly creeping into autumn and I am absolutely here for it. To me, autumn is all about slowing down, allowing winter to creep in, getting wrapped up and snuggling with a hot drink and a good book. I’m more than 50% through my Goodreads goal for this year (you can follow me there too if you have Goodreads, same name as the blog), so I’m a little behind, but I expect to get caught up across the Autumn and Winter months with more time spent indoors!

A book that I have read recently and really wanted to share with you, perhaps to start adding to Christmas lists (did I really say that?) or to buy as a gift for others who may enjoy this the of genre, is one I’m going to review for you below. I really hope you enjoy my review, and if you do – please like, comment ,share or follow! All actions help spread a little love for this blog!


‘They say you can’t choose your family.

But you can KILL them.

Meet Grace Bernard. Daughter, sister, serial killer…

Grace has lost everything.

And she will stop at nothing to get revenge.’

I was so excited to step into this book, firstly I’d heard great things. Secondly, a serial killer acting out for personal, emotional reasons is always going to be interesting. Assassins and spy novels are cool to read and all, but I don’t feel you always get the ‘why’ apart from ‘the character is broken and thats why they chose this job’. No, this one’s slightly different.

Grace is out to seek revenge. She’s out for blood. Cold, wet, blood. She feels wronged, abandoned and short changed by the rich family that refuse to acknowledge her existence, refuse to acknowledge that she is their blood and therefore part of their family, and also, entitled to some of their estate. Raised by her less than wealthy late French mother, who begged and pleaded for Grace to be acknowledged by the father who had an affair with her mother, Grace is thirsty to avenge her mother’s pride and to take what’s rightfully hers. Or so she thinks.

Can’t put it down rating: 4.5/5

One thing I didn’t expect to do is to like our anti-hero protagonist. She’s cold, calculating, manipulative and an absolute sociopath who feels absolutely nothing and seriously has lost all effort to care about anyone but herself and her mission. She’s killing people, but she’s the one already dead inside. But my goodness, she’s funny.

From the observer in this story, Grace would blend in on the street. She thinks everything people think but would never dare say out loud, including Grace, but we’re in her head so we see it all. It makes for a funny, daring, tongue in cheek serial killer novel.

She’s blunt, witty, cunning and conniving and makes for a fantastically interesting main character.

‘She appeared to be a total C**t. A great word, it can be enunciated in several different ways to convey varying ferocity and it perfectly encapsulates so many people.’

How to Kill Your Family.
I relate to Grace more than I should probably admit, this is my favourite word for that very reason!

It’s Killing Eve in style, with some awesome scenes, some brilliant thinking and fantastic character development. You can imagine ever single one of these characters in your mind. We travel with Grace in the past, and in the present. I loved the split scene and time aspect, as we got a story telling aspect, the decision making of the murderer and her hindsight in one go.

An aspect that makes this book really ironic (and funny) is that Grace is put into prison, which really starts to disrupt her serial killing plans, That’s the part in all of this that Grace doesn’t see coming, she’s arrested for murder! I mean, that’s what she is of course, a serial murderer, but she’s not guilty for THAT one, your honour.

This book has such huge twists and turns and laugh out loud moments within a hugely dark and devious story, examining wealth, privilege, high society, class and what family means. It’s got similar vibes to The Thursday Murder club, but it’s darker, and she says f*ck a lot.

The twist at the end went on a little too much for my liking, but I loved how we’d had a hint at the beginning that this may be happening and that it was revealed at the very end. It was like a carefully crafted jigsaw puzzle and the final piece just clicked in right at the end.

Some of the things that happened were just a bit ***too*** easy, but by heck it made a great read. I also feel that this would be a FANTASTIC film! Given that this is Bella Mackie’s first novel, I’d say she’s absolutely nailed it. I think even Grace would manage a genuine smile.

If you’re looking for a light, uplifting cosy autumn read about a woman transforming a rundown business and finding love with a village carpenter, this may not be the book for you. But if you’re up for a grisly, slightly mad book with a hilarious serial killer as your protagonist, then this may well just be one you need to read this season!


The beautiful people at The Tea Makers ( sent me some absolutely gorgeous loose leaf delights to sample over the summer, and one that I absolutely fell for was the ‘Exotic Chai of Madagascar’. It’s an absolute delight to the senses and smells beyond delicious. It has big pieces of Ginger and Orange and has the perfect balance of being light but also very refreshing. It’s an exotic escape in a cup! Get yours here, prices start from £4.50.

So thats it for this time guys! Let me know if the Book, Tea or both will be being added to your wish lists in the comments!

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Thanks for reading!

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