The Blogger

Emma Lucas is a 30 year old book worm, tea drinker, fitness enthusiast and Yoga lover from Hull in England.

The passion for reading and writing began as a small child, lost in the pages of her first ‘grown up’ read of Black Beauty aged 5. From here, she adapted childhood books to plays, and teachers and Mum alike were often found snorting aloud at the comedic tales presented to them at parents evening. In primary school, she held an audition for a play she adapted from a book at the playground bench.

Now she spends her days in a cold and outdated pale blue office with a dual screen getting lost in numbers and pie charts, wistfully willing to be up an Ibizan mountain doing nothing but drinking tea infusions, reading, and doing plenty of sun salutations.

In her free time, Emma can be found in a tea or hot yoga room or drinking gin. A true lover of taking time out for yourself, who promotes good sleep, good books, and looking after yours (and your loved ones) mental health.

There’s plenty more to the story, but that might end up as a play one day. See you at the playground bench for the next audition.