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Hi! I’m Emma and I’m the face behind Papyrus and Peppermint. I’m very happy that you’ve stumbled across my page of thoughts, opinions and recommendations, and if youre a return visitor or follower of the blog, thanks very much for coming back, it means a lot!

I started this blog in 2016 to share my love of reading, writing and reviewing with the world. I grew up with a Mum who consumes all her daily H20 requirement via Tea alone and in a book lover’s home, reading Black Beauty cover to cover aged 5.

I’ve always loved to write, create and entertain, writing my first play at primary school where I auditioned all the kids in my class for lead roles (critically and quite seriously as playwright and director, I must add). Some of those kids went onto studying performing arts, clearly I had an eye and should have gone into casting ;)! As a teenager I thrived in English and Performing Arts, before deciding I should get a ‘less risky’ career and instead studied hard for a Business Degree which supports my career (and book buying habit). Big kudos to all those authors out there who didn’t take the ‘safe’ bet – I applaud you!

In my spare time, when im not working my chaotic real life office job or truly immersing myself in books and blogging, you can find me cuddling my cat Chester, kicking my ass with a Joe Wicks workout or doing some lovely yoga. You can also find me over on Instagram @papyrusandpeppermint – if youre a user please give me a follow and come chat with me. I like to make reels and I do the odd giveaway so its a good place to be. I am also really loving the book community over there.

If youre interested in working with me, please email me or send me an Instagram DM* 🙂

Lots of Love,

Emma X0

*Please note that I do not drink alcohol so please do not send any requests for collaborations that involve alcoholic beverages.