One of the Girls

My review of The Sunday Times Bestselling Author, Lucy Clarke’s 2022 novel ‘One of the Girls’ and of The Tea Makers of London ‘Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong’ Loose leaf tea.

The Man I Think I know

So this particular book was purchased for me at Christmas, and so I took the opportunity of a vacation to read it. Think long mornings by the pool, an adult’s only atmosphere, a nice moderate 25c heat and endless Gin & Lemonades. Ah, Bliss. Now back to reality. 😉 THE MAN I THINK I KNOW,  BY…

The Binding

In need of a summer read? The Binding by Bridget Collins is all you need.

The Bedlam Stacks

What does Autumn mean to you? To me, Autumn means ever changing British weather. Will it be freezing today, or a hot summer’s day? Rain coat or tshirt? The leaves on my garden tree change colour and begin to fall, leaving crunchy crisp foliage on my lawn. Hull Fair comes to town, a European travelling…