My Review on the Dystopian Thriller everyone’s talking about.. VOX by Christina Dalcher.


She’s a teacher. She knows the rules. Indecent..my review of the controversial Novel by Corinne Sullivan.

How To Stop Time

Time. It’s a funny thing really, isn’t it? They say that time is merely a concept created by Humans to keep track of the past, present and future, a simple measurement to remain organised and survive. Without time, our ancestors would not have known when to plant crops or harvest them; vital fuel to take…

You have a new Friend Request.

Happy Bank Holiday to you! We’re very lucky across the UK this weekend, in that glorious sunny and hot weather has coincided with time off work – HURRAH!!!!!! It’s a rare phenomenon that even the weather forecaster on the BBC couldnt believe she was announcing. I’ve got the windows to my house open, kids are…

The Island

Hello Papyrus and Peppermint Readers! Finally, we’re almost out of the Winter Chill! Here in the UK we had the ‘beast from the east’ and Storm Emma, which brought chilly temperatures, lots of snow and an excuse to wear huge scarves and hats! Now we’re nearing Spring, I have daffodils growing in my garden, and…