One Day in December


I think I’ve just made it in time for it still be acceptable to wish you that, right ;)! I hope you’ve all had a really fun New Year and if it’s something you do, I hope you have some really great goals to accomplish that you’re excited about.

Personally my goals include (in no particular [thank god] chronological order):

  • Hitting a 100kg Deadlift
  • Hitting a 90kg Squat
  • Getting through my existing TBR Pile.

Because MY WORD this thing is growing at a ridiculous rate. I currently have 13 beautiful brand new, unopened – mostly signed, first edition (drooling as I type…)- books staring at me, waiting to be read; and I’ve got another 10-15 books passed on from loved ones and 2 self-published books to read too. Meep! On top of that, I’m (fingers crossed) moving house this year, so unless we’re going to win the lottery and move into a 7 bedroomed mansion complete with Library, then I seriously need to get reading and decide what will be loved eternally and what books will go on to be discovered by other book lovers ❤

What goals have you set for yourself if any? Have you got any exciting plans you wish to share? I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a selection of beautiful books I was fortunate enough to be gifted this Christmas, did you receive any of these too, or have you read them?


Christmas Gifts!


I promised myself that I would finish one seasonal book that I’d kept until December 2019 purposely so that I could read it at an appropriate, seasonal point. I find that doing that gets me more involved in the story because the weather tends to match the scene (think a Hislop Novel set in Greece whilst you’re on the beach).. it all helps to have the same sensations around you. I was gifted ‘One Day in December’ by Josie Silver Christmas 2018, a novel that promised ‘one unforgettable love story.’ I’m pleased to say I achieved my goal readers! So here is my (hopefully not too forgettable…) review.



Don’t be fooled, that’s clearly not my fancy house. On a visit to my grandparents 🙂

Two people. Ten Chances…

‘The Number one feel good read…’

Well it certainly sounded like this book should be absolutely incredible, which is what I was really hoping for, a beautiful Christmas romance.. a la Love Actually or something like that.

The story begins on the 21st December 2008. Laurie, best friend and house mate of Sarah, is on a bus. Her eyes clock a beautiful man and for a moment they share a glance, a heart felt longing that Laurie is swept away by. Both look at each other with urgency, wondering what to do, does she get off the bus, does he get on it? But before the decision is made for them, the bus pulls away…

For the next year, he is all that Laurie can think of. She tries to find him anyway she can, she looks for him in crowded spaces with Sarah’s help; together on a mission to hunt down the man that she is 100% sure is her soul mate, from just a glance; but alas… it’s about to take an awkward AF turn.

OK.. so I got a few chapters into the book and whilst I really warmed to Laurie’s youthful, rather shy and belief in love at first sight, as the punchy, vibrant best friend she had in Sarah, I seriously wanted Sarah to tell her to get over it and move on. I mean, a YEAR of looking for a guy you saw once whilst on public transport seems a bit far fetched and if you don’t mind me saying, a bit Joe-esque from You. But without the glass cage. Or creepy narration.

I liked the way that the chapters were laid out, from the perspective of each character (so  Chapter ‘Laurie’ is Laurie for example), it was great to be able to be inside of character’s heads to view the same situation from two different points of view. However, I would have loved to have known what Sarah was thinking because she is a HUGE character in the story unfolding, and I didn’t get that opportunity.

I found the pacing of the book to be a little bit slow and in all honesty very predictable, it wasn’t a difficult read, and I wasn’t enthused at a lot of the main points, but it had it’s moments of absolute perfection. My boyfriend and I were driving along whilst I was reading, and I got to the end of one chapter and looked up at him with tears rolling down my cheeks. A book hasn’t managed to do that to me in a long while, and the ending could easily be made into a movie.

I found myself rooting for characters I probably shouldn’t have been rooting for in terms of girl code and ethics, but it was truly hard not to like the characters and to want the best for them.

However, I’m either really missing the point or the headline doesn’t actually relate to the story. ‘Two people. Ten Chances’ we were promised.

I know the two people… but where were the ten chances?!

I was also kind of put off by the fact that the whole story would never have really started if she just yelled ‘STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!” at the bus driver…!

I enjoyed points within this book and honestly think that one day it could be made into an awesome rom-com; it had really emotive moments and had themes of friendship, love, betrayal and the warm woolly idea of love at first sight, but I don’t think it translated well as a book at all moments in time. If I were making the film, then there’s a lot of scenes and moment that I think could be cut because they are too obvious or don’t add that much value to the tale. The characters were likeable, but Laurie frustrated me with how she just seemed to cling onto the first guy she laid eyes on. I think this is a read that begins very youthful in it’s manner and matures towards the end.


Would recommend for believers in love at first sight.

Would not recommend for cold hearted cynics, or haters of rom com ;).

Where to buy: Waterstones, £7.99




I spent most of my time reading this book whilst relaxing by the Christmas tree, sipping ‘Thè’, a calming blend by of liquorice and peppermint by Aveda. Perfect to relax you, and to soothe bloated tummies after too many treats!

You can get yours direct here from or at Liberty London, £10 for 20 bags. Expensive, but worth the treat. It’s like a spa in a cup.


So dear readers, I move onto my next read. I’m now reading ‘indecent’ by Corrine Sullivan.. and so far it’s SO GOOD. Looking forward to sharing my review with you in the weeks to come!

Please do like, comment, follow or share my reviews; any support you can offer my tiny little page to increase the community of readers is vastly appreciated <3333!

Have a great month readers!!

Until the next chapter,




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